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Sea Turtle

Collaboration with Jasmin Heard Artist

“Reef Dependent" Project

Jasmin Heard is an oil painter, mixed media artist, and my amazing daughter. She is a passionate environmentalist and she focuses particularly on the ocean, coral reefs and their wildlife. 

Together we are currently creating a body of collaborative works depicting ocean scenes, and plan to exhibit together later on this year.

Jasmin's website and social media: 


Sample Work in Progress
Merino wool, silk, oil paint and glow in the dark pigments on box canvas


"Reef Dependent"

As passionate environmentalists, both myself and my daughter focus heavily on conservation themes in our artworks. We both depict the raw beauty of the natural world using very different media to emphasise what we are losing through climate change and human activity. 

The declining of our worlds reefs touches us both emotionally and impacts us all. Despite reefs only taking up 2% of the worlds oceans, they support 25% of all life in the ocean and more than 500 million people rely on the reefs for their livelihoods. Without coral reefs, many ocean species would perish and the loss of biodiversity would be staggering. It would be a tragedy for future generations to grow up without such a beautiful, colourful ecosystem to inspire, provide and educate. 

By capturing details of the reef and the creatures which are dependent on it, we plan for this collaboration to document its broad diversity of life - individual unique other-worldly shapes, colours and behaviours which make an eco-system so beautiful and unlike anything else on Earth. Our message is one of awe, love and conservation.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 09_57_35.png

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