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A portfolio of my Butterfly and Moth Wing felt paintings. My fascination with this ongoing project came from my love of insects, their glorious patterns, colours and textures. This series is giving me the opportunity to closely study, appreciate and replicate the incredibles details of nature close up. The 'painting with wool' technique on canvas that I create is a wonderful medium to capture the bold, opaque and non-reflective colours that typify these beautiful creatures. The focus is on the wings to indicate their beauty and fragility in this changing world.

IMG_3692 2 copy.jpeg

Monarch Butterfly (2020) Wool on Canvas. 100cmx30cm.


Butterfly Wing 1(2020) Wool on Canvas. 28cmx36cm.


Butterfly Wing 2 (2020) Wool on Canvas.

28cm x 36cm.


Butterfly Wing 3 (2020) Wool on Canvas. 28cmx36cm.


Butterfly Wing 4 (2020) Wool on Canvas. 28cmx36cm.


Peacock Butterfly (2020) Wool on Canvas. 60cmx60cm.


Moth Wing (2020)

Wool on Canvas. 35cmx46cm.

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